Ridotto’s Q1 2022 Community Update

  • Define the legal framework
  • Launch of NFT Farming
  • Launch of Ridotto’s slot machine and lottery
  • Build HQ in the metaverse
  • Integrate B2B partners
  • Launch of the bug bounty program
  • Implement Ridotto’s minimal DAO
  • Integrate Ridotto’s GaaS (Self-service Lottery & Slots)
  • Integrate extra-blockchain
  • Enrich Ridotto’s game catalog
  • Release Ridotto’s NFT PFP
  • Release of Ridotto’s betting protocol
  • Launch of Ridotto’s betting game
  • Integrate social games (clans, competitions, and tournaments)
  • Launch of Ridotto’s lab
  • Release Ridotto’s SDKs and libraries
  • Integrate Metaverse games
  • Migrate to a fully DAO ecosystem
  • Develop Ridotto’s Community Marketplace
  • Implement community proposals

About Ridotto



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