Ridotto’s Post-Launch AMA Recap

To everyone who made it to the team’s AMA presentation on Zoom, thank you! It was a blast and an honor to have you in the chat and to field your questions.

For everyone else, please enjoy the below highlight:

Launch Facts

Ridotto’s IDO was an absolute success, doing a 15x even in extremely choppy market conditions! Even more impressive, $RDT was the second most subscribed to IDO to ever pass through CardStarter and was number one on Dextools for several days; so again, a sincere thank you to the community.

On the security front, Ridotto’s partnership with 111PG secured one of the safest token launches in recent memory. Absolutely zero bots were able to snipe the price upon token launch, and twelve large transaction attacks were shut down and reverted. The result was a smooth token launch, safe from bot generated pumps and dumps.

Staking Update

Taking the lead from community feedback, the Ridotto team upgraded staking rewards to 80% APY guaranteed and locked down more than 300 thousand RDT LP staked on Ethereum.

When the token goes live on BSC within the next couple of days, the team will announce yet another round of staking rewards for BSC-based liquidity providing; so definitely keep an eye on announcements.

Introducing NFT Farming

In the time before Ridotto’s casino products go live, the team is introducing a revolutionary new token utility that is sure to spin things on their head, by rewarding the $RDT community with an opportunity never seen before.

Holders of $RDT can farm Ridotto’s platform NFTs, which grant exclusive perks across Ridotto’s play, build, and bankroll functionalities. Perhaps one of the more exciting NFTs that will come out, is one that will grant permission to build an entire on-chain casino on the Ridotto protocol. It will effectively act as an operation ownership, and allow the NFT owner a chance to sell this perk for incredibly high margins to third parties interested in building. The goal here is to disrupt current notions of industry profiteering, by giving the community a high value source of passive income.

Expansion to Binance Smart Chain

According to Mohammed’s highly practical blockchain agnostic development model, Ridotto will begin its expansion across crypto-land with its token launch on BSC on October 14th at 16:00 UTC.

This will also make purchasing the $RDT token infinitely cheaper, and more accessible. The team is excited to welcome the many more community members that this will usher in over time.

After the Pancake swap listing, the team is also revealing a ETH/BSC bridge to stabilize the token price across the blockchains.

Glance at Ridotto’s Q4

  • Onboard new skills to accelerate project development — including design experts, legal advisors, and additional developers.
  • Unleash the Ridotto NFT set — platform specific and integrated avatar NFTs.
  • Secure Legal Compliance — required to roll out Ridotto’s MVP and other casino based products.
  • Bridge to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Cardano and others — aligning with Ridotto’s multi chain future.
  • CEX Listing — making Ridotto’s mission accessible to a broader community base.
  • Launch the Lottery and Slot Machine MVP by the End of the Year — including the many project partnerships that it will feature.

Consider these brief bullet points a glimpse into the future; a taste of what’s to come. To maintain as much transparency as possible, the team is excited to show a clearer picture of Ridotto’s behind the scenes as the quarter progresses.

About Ridotto

Ridotto is the very first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol based on complete transparency, anonymity, security, and fairness. Built on Cardano, our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous liquidity. Ridotto’s overarching goal is to elevate the user to the role of “house,” thereby offering a fully scalable alternative to centralized online gambling.

Beyond our vibrant flagship casino, we will unleash retail ingenuity by giving users the decentralized infrastructure to experiment and evolve the gambling ecosystem, much like the App Store did for mobile gaming.

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.

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