Ridotto’s Lottery Is Live on March 3rd: Live Lucky Today and Everyday!

4 min readFeb 15, 2023

Ridotto’s Jackpot Lottery will be live on March 3rd! And oh boy, does it feel good to finally say it — not to mention get ready to play it!

Our gaming ecosystem is coming to life, and those of you who are here to welcome it will benefit the most.

With a Multichain launch, Ticket sales open on March 3rd for the first weekly game on Friday, March 10th.

Easy to Play

Just 3 simple steps. Play while you sleep and wake up to cash prizes!

  1. Buy a Ticket: Weekly lottery tickets cost $5 in $USDT
  2. Wait for the Draw: Tick! Tick! Boom! Watch the timer count down to zero.
  3. Check Prizes: All matching numbers count towards prize money. The more numbers shared with the winning ticket, the more you win!

All your numbers match? JACKPOT!

The Industry Needs Decentralization

The gambling industry has been stagnant for way too long. It benefits the few and gate-keeps the many. Unfortunately, current-era crypto casinos aren’t much better. They use the exact same web2 business models, simply skirting regulation with crypto instead of cash.

But now, the game changes forever. With our lottery products, we hope to transform the casino industry with a wave of innovation:

  • Increased Transparency
  • Increased Security
  • Unstoppable deployment
  • Lower Costs
  • Instant Payout
  • Greater Customizability
  • Future Innovation

Increased Transparency

Our lottery replaces centralized operators with undisputable, transparent code. Click the “Verify” button on any of our lotteries, and we’ll show you the backend blockchain ledger, making it easy for you to guarantee fairness.

Increased Security

Our lottery smart contracts are hardcoded, meaning unchangeable. We can’t access your funds, and we can’t tamper with the lottery’s randomness. This protects all players involved and keeps the game 100% secure.

Unstoppable App

Like Bitcoin, Ridotto’s fully-decentralized lottery makes it impossible to stop. Smart contracts execute themselves based on pre-determined rules. No centralized entity controls it. Legally, it will be free of geo-restrictions as soon as Ridotto fully transforms into a DAO.

Lower Costs

Decentralized infrastructure doesn’t require the same overhead as centralized entities. With code in place, everything from ticket sales to random ticket selection, to prize distribution is automatically taken care of. This means lower fees and higher profits.

Instant Payout

No account sign-up, no bank account linking, no credit cards. We use crypto — which means you get instant payouts immediately when you win.

Greater Customizability

Once our lottery is DAO integrated, it will be fully customizable to the interests of our players. A whole range of possibilities will be available to you: NFT prizes, other tokens, and even physical prizes

Future Innovations

Ridotto’s decentralized, transparent, and secure lottery is just Step 1.

Blockchain opens many avenues for future innovations, such as decentralized ownership, discount subscriptions, auto-lottos, NFT lotteries, on-chain wishlist lotteries, and a whole lot more.

The Future of Ridotto Lotteries

Today, through the release of Ridotto’s decentralized Jackpot lottery, we achieve Step 1 in our plan to transform the casino industry. While it’s an important first step, it's also just the beginning.

Step 2: Reimagine the Customer Journey

We can’t help but notice how inefficient the current lottery system is. Buy one ticket, play one lottery, and repeat ad nausea.

With Ridotto, you’ll be able to discount buy in bulk, pre-plan games, gift lottery tickets, and collect your prize money when convenient.

Step 3: Reimagine Ownership

Web2 gambling conditioned us to approach casinos/lotteries only as players.

But with Ridotto, anyone in the world can host their own profitable lottery directly on Ridotto’s web app and on their own website. Bankroll and earn passive income.

Step 4: Reimagine NFT-Based Community Building

The best part of web3 is easily community. Nowhere is that clearer than in NFT land.

To gamify the NFT community experience, we’ll create siloed lottery ecosystems dedicated to NFT ecosystems. Whether it be BAYC, Doodles, or any other. We’ll be the home of NFT lotteries.

Step 5: Phygital Lottery Experiences

Digital lotteries don’t have to be limited to digital prizes.

Through our wishlist lotteries, players will be able to win real-life prizes (like a Tesla) completely on-chain via NFT redeemable. Not only that, but players will be able to vote on what they win as well.

In short, we got a lot coming for you… Bet on it.

About Ridotto

Crypto gambling is a billion-dollar industry — however, beyond skirting regulation, it hasn’t been significantly different from regular old web2 gambling. It isn’t decentralized!

Ridotto decentralizes crypto gambling via permissionless casino ownership and open-source bankrolling. Built on Multi-Chain, our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous passive income. Now, YOU are “The House.”

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