Ridotto: The Multi-Chain Casino

With the $RDT token launch completed and successfully in the rearview mirror, the team marches towards its first product release, The MVP (Minimum Viable Product,) which will debut the platform via a state-of-the-art lottery and slot machine protocol dedicated exclusively to partners.

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Ridotto wants to highlight its status as a multi-chain casino protocol that will progress into a full-on interoperable one on the road of development.

A Multi-Chain Casino Protocol

Mohammed Marragh, Ridotto’s CTO and acting CEO, has embraced an efficient blockchain agnostic model of development to create the most robust product possible.

This includes deploying the Ridotto casino protocol across all major blockchains, to include Cardano, Ethereum, Matic, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and many more as the war of the blockchains separates the wheat from the chaff. By embracing the best underlying technology available, as they evolve, Ridotto is free to realize its ambitious roadmap quickly, without sacrificing the required fundamentals.

Launching on BSC, the community has already begun to see Ridotto expand to assume its Multi-Chain future. But this is only just the start; many other EVM compatible blockchains will be added in the near future.

As the blockchain space progresses and becomes increasingly interconnected, Ridotto too will be empowered to adopt a more dynamic, robust, and underlying interoperable protocol. The result will be that all Ridotto casino products will seamlessly pivot across protocols, within games and transactions as needed.

While the core of the Ridotto protocol will exist on-chain, most prominently open-source liquidity providing, building tools, game metric data, and verified randomness, a significant amount of Ridotto’s development and game creation will be done off-chain. For those with little technical knowledge, understanding this may shed some light on why Ridotto is positioned to integrate multiple blockchains at once, almost simultaneously.

Cardano: Ridotto’s Preferred Homebase

While an integrated Cardano DeFi ecosystem is still a work in progress, the Ridotto team is eager to make use of ADA’s superior financial efficiency and decentralized scalability. Both of these factors make a casino native to Cardano, highly practical and best positioned to deliver a cost-effective and time-efficient gambling experience.

Beyond the technicals, Ridotto also feels very much at home among Cardano’s egalitarian, fair, and decentralized underlying philosophy. The co-founders chose to launch on CardStarter and prioritize Cardano because they resonate with IOHK’s mission to utilize the blockchain to disrupt overfed institutions and redistribute concentrated power among a more global network. These shared ideas lie at the heart of the $RDT mission statement, and drive Ridotto’s quest to decentralize the wealth of the casino industry to as wide an audience as possible.

Likewise, for both technical and philosophical reasons, Ridotto is excited about Cardano’s future and will eagerly capitalize on all it has to offer, as soon as it is ready to do so.

Ridotto is the very first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol based on complete transparency, anonymity, security, and fairness. Built on Cardano, our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous liquidity. Ridotto’s overarching goal is to elevate the user to the role of “house,” thereby offering a fully scalable alternative to centralized online gambling.

Beyond our vibrant flagship casino, we will unleash retail ingenuity by giving users the decentralized infrastructure to experiment and evolve the gambling ecosystem, much like the App Store did for mobile gaming.

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.