Ridotto Technical Update — Q1 2022

  • Senior Blockchain Engineer: Ithihas Reddy
  • Senior Backend Engineer: Peres Nimarico
  • Senior Web Developer: Martin Barria
  • Software and Cloud Architect Advisor: Samuel Mansour
  • Blockchain Expert and Advisor: Oumar Dialo
  • Because individual NFTs can’t be divided, they had to figure out a method to temporarily fractionalized NFT rewards over the course of staking.
  • A second challenge was determining an NFT minting threshold that ensures that the Ridotto NFT market remains sustainable.
  • Thirdly, given Ridotto’s continual NFT minting process, the development team needed to find a way to optimize the process financially.
  • The network layer will allow players to reach the web app via a decentralized domain name resolution.
  • The hosting layer will be the foundational source of all data and assets stored on the Ridotto application. While normal hosting solutions are based on a central entity (e.g Amazon AWS) Ridotto reworked the modal so the hosting layer will be decentralized & not managed by a central entity. We based our architecture on IPFS technology, which you can read about here: https://ipfs.io/
  • Lastly, the computing layer leverages the possibility to execute long-running services on a decentralized ecosystem. In other words, the computing layer will automatically run and execute predetermined tasks on the backend. Again, while most servers are managed and controlled by a central entity (again like Amazon AWS) at Ridotto, we are prototyping the ICP technology to propose a decentralized backend architecture. (More details on https://dfinity.org)

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.