Ridotto: More Than Just a Casino

At first glance, many make the mistake of lumping Ridotto in with all the other crypto gambling platforms. Yes, Ridotto will offer casino games — and yes, it will most certainly innovate gaming, and offer the sleekest, most robust gambling on the blockchain; but through Ridotto build, bankroll, and governance, it will do so much more as the first truly decentralized casino.

Ridotto Build

Beyond Ridotto’s flagship casino and its many game selections, Ridotto will offer its community and B2B partners alike a seamless and retail-friendly casino-building protocol through which they can develop their very own, hand-tailored casino games and applications.

Ridotto will provide software development kits so that the community is free to experiment with their collective genius. This is the great merit of decentralization: Like opening floodgates, Ridotto will unleash community creativity in an industry that has been protected behind tall walls and iron clad regulation. For the first time ever, freed from technical limitations, gamblers, builders, and bankrollers will combine forces to participate in the game creation process.

Ridotto Bankroll

But Ridotto doesn’t stop there; true decentralization means that play and building are not just open source, but profits are too! Ridotto’s intricate system of liquidity providing will empower investors and gambling enthusiasts alike to bankroll its ecosystem of games. Even cooler, Ridotto’s system of decentralized casino funding allows the community to provide liquidity in a manner that accounts for risk preference.

A percent of profits, reserves and staking opportunities will contribute to what the co-founders have outlined to be a “self-sustaining ecosystem” model, that integrates partnerships and alliances with other blockchains to optimize their core product offering.

Ridotto Govern

Mohammed and Fayrouz created Ridotto to solve gambling’s most notorious downside: the temptation for insider exploitation, a disadvantage so famous that it has its own universally understood phrase, “The House Always wins.” Ridotto throws out this resignation by turning it on its head, and elevating the user to the position of being “the House.”

As a DAO, Ridotto has inbuilt integrity that guarantees user safety. It can be said to be trustless, only because users have no need to trust Ridotto; its integrity is readily verifiable because it is open-source and distributed on the blockchain. In other words, the Ridotto protocol runs automatically according to a predetermined set of rules, initially created by the team, but increasingly entrusted to the community.

Because decentralized governance is a cornerstone of Ridotto’s vision, all major operations are completely dependent upon the community. Users will play, build, bankroll, govern, and likewise fulfill a pivotal role in deciding Ridotto’s future. By creating and voting upon proposals, the community will come together to iterate and grow the platform to better mirror community interests.

Ridotto: The Community Casino

Traditional casinos exist to enrich casino operators. Ridotto exists to benefit the community.

Play for fun. Build for the community. Bankroll for profits.

About Ridotto

Ridotto is the very first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol based on complete transparency, anonymity, security, and fairness. Built on Cardano, our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous liquidity. Ridotto’s overarching goal is to elevate the user to the role of “house,” thereby offering a fully scalable alternative to centralized online gambling.

Beyond our vibrant flagship casino, we will unleash retail ingenuity by giving users the decentralized infrastructure to experiment and evolve the gambling ecosystem, much like the App Store did for mobile gaming.

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.