October Community Update

4 min readNov 16, 2022

Product Developments:

With the launch of Ridotto’s gaming platform just a few shy months away, it’s finally time to show you, the community, a peek under the hood.

Ridotto gaming will be a distinct web app, separate from the current information page, made up of three distinct sections: A traditional casino, a sportsbook, and a lottery protocol.

The below mockup will be the web app’s first draft. It’s designed to be maximally user-friendly, clear, and simple to navigate. All games hosted on the platform will be crafted by Ridotto from initial design to final deployment.

Ridotto Gaming Platform Sneak Peek:

Sneak Peek at Ridotto’s First Slot Cover:

Every element of Demon Inc.’s design was handcrafted by Ridotto’s internal art specialist Ece K. We are incredibly excited to reveal more of her fun-house demon style design, as we approach the slot machine launch after the lottery release.

Technical Developments:


The tech team finalized the base layer of Ridotto’s technical documentation. When published, it will provide external developers with all the required information needed to understand the platform’s backend and build on Ridotto through our coming SDK library.


The foundation for Ridotto’s DAO forum is complete! When published, it will allow token holders to create, vote, and comment on Governance proposals — thereby deciding the immediate and long-term future of the platform.

Global RNG

Also finalized, Ridotto’s developers put the finishing touches on a global random number generator. This cluster of smart contracts will be at the heart and center of all randomization features, across all games. Our RNG can be called global because it is both blockchain agnostic and oracle agnostic, workable with Chainlink and many other providers.

Challenge Features:

Comparable to platforms like Gleam, the team finalized both the backend and smart contract layer of Ridotto’s own internal challenge tracker. With this system, the team will be able to set up social media-integrated and platform-wide challenges that reward players for all manner of desired actions. Whether it’s lottery participation, NFT farming, or Twitter interaction, the team will be able to coordinate rewarding and engaging marketing campaigns that incentivize community engagement.

With the backend and smart contracts done, now the team needs to implement the front-end and UI.

Update $RDT Token

In preparation for Ridotto DAO, the team replaced the $RDT token’s IDO-oriented algorithm with a sleeker and more efficient setup. This is a necessary step in reconfiguring the token for DAO deployment and a more efficient gas cost interaction.

Slot Machine Backend

Out of all the recent tech developments, the team is most proud of completing the slot machine game-like indexer. It will allow Ridotto’s slots to run instantaneously without blockchain latency while maintaining 100% decentralization.

Subgraph Platform Smart Contract

The team successfully implemented The Graph protocol’s indexing system into the platform’s technology stack. This will allow our developers to transparently categorize and index gameplay data across the platform to present game scores, win rates, and many more types of information.


We’re excited to announce that the lottery backend and front-end are complete! With just testing and auditing ahead, Ridotto’s first game will be launched in a matter of weeks!

About Ridotto

Crypto gambling is a billion-dollar industry — however, beyond skirting regulation, it hasn’t been significantly different from regular old online gambling. It isn’t decentralized!

Ridotto decentralizes crypto gaming via permissionless casino ownership and open-source bankrolling. Built on Multi-Chain, our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous passive income. Now, YOU are “The House.”

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Reinventing the gaming experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gaming & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.