Introducing Legal and Compliance Advisor: Guy.M

Ridotto is incredibly honored to introduce Guy.M, Ridotto’s in-house legal and compliance advisor. He’s an absolute master at navigating the nuances of the crypto and casino legal landscape.

Guy is passionate about crypto, DeFi, and technologies and has extensive experience in supporting crypto native projects. Well-versed in current legal standing, Guy makes complicated scenarios easy to understand and valuable to businesses in both private and public speaking scenarios.

Before starting own legal practice, Guy has held positions as Head of Legal at several crypto projects, including Coinmatics, a crypto copy trading platform, and OpenLedger, a DEX. Guy has also held the remarkable position of Deputy Head of Legal position at Dating Group — one of the major players in online dating.

Also of singular importance, over the years, Guy has gained a deep understanding of the crypto ecosystem, infrastructure, and software development processes. Together with his knowledge and experience in practicing law, he is expertly positioned to deliver top-quality legal services. His experience working with the implications of regulation from every conceivable angle has proven invaluable to Ridotto as the team navigates its own legal strategy. Specifics on Ridotto’s legal course will be revealed soon; however, safe to say, its innovation will be a case study for many projects to come.

About Ridotto

Ridotto is the very first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol based on complete transparency, anonymity, security, and fairness. Our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous liquidity. Ridotto’s overarching goal is to elevate the user to the role of “house,” thereby offering a fully scalable alternative to centralized online gambling.

Beyond our vibrant flagship casino, we will unleash retail ingenuity by giving users the decentralized infrastructure to experiment and evolve the gambling ecosystem, much like the App Store did for mobile gaming.

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.

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