December Community Update

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We know you’re itching for the lottery release, and trust us, we are too! We ran into some last-minute debugging but will push its release as soon as possible.

Product Development:

Gaming App UI: The art team retooled the Gaming App UI by playing with different color pallets. What do you like better the lemon colors on the left or the purple/pink cyan colors on the right?

NFTs on OpenSea: Ownership NFTs are now listed on the biggest NFT marketplace in the world: OpenSea! Now you can finally get your hands on them without having to engage in a lengthy staking process. Simply purchase them from someone who already did the hard work for you.

Lottery Business Model: Thanks to community feedback, we successfully finalized all details on the lottery business model and will reveal the details soon!

Brand Awareness:

World Cup Coverage: In lieu of our own betting platform (coming next year), we brought you daily game and player breakdowns all World Cup long! Courtesy of Art Director Ozgur Baltutan, we paired all updates with beautiful custom graphics.

For the final game, we celebrated Argentina’s win with a contest: 100$ to one lucky fan who predicted the winning outcome.

Bet on this: Next payout will come directly from Ridotto’s betting terminal!

New Year Collectible: Inspired by your excitement for Ridotto’s First Birthday Commemoration, we used 2022’s New Year celebration to launch our second collectible NFT and begin rolling out a grander ecosystem of collectibles.

Good old fashion collectibles have brought joy to hundreds of millions of people around the world — and now Ridotto collectibles are coming to you. This time next year, we are excited to see the collections you have wrangled together.

International Coverage: Ridotto’s grassroots global community continues to thrive. This month featured youtube coverage by both our Italian and Filipino communities:

Technical Development:

Slot Machine EVM: The development team successfully finalized a first iteration EVM slot machine smart contract along with a pre-developed backend. This is a major milestone in delivering finished slot machines and represents a push to release the first set of games in quick succession.

Sentry Integration: In response to Telegram feedback, we integrated a software service called Sentry in order to better monitor and debug issues in real-time. By actively monitoring and correcting, we’ll be able to improve the user experience across all aspects of the platform.

Integrated Global RNG into Master Lottery and Master Flip Smart Contracts: Ridotto’s global random number generator has been integrated into the foundation of all lottery-based games and 50/50 coin flip games. This means that all future games that require lottery-like or coin-flip like randomness ratios will already have pre-created architecture. What’s more, Ridotto’s randomness architecture is deeply decentralized as it functions with multiple onchain VRF’s simultaneously.

Node Operator for Randomizer: Speaking of VRFs, our developers integrated a new one,, and became their fourth node operator. It’s successfully running and grants Ridotto a major role as both a consumer and validator of their VRF ecosystem.

Integrated Multichain Metrics: Our developers created web-integrated backend infrastructure that will gather multi-chain platform data, such as the total number of NFTs minted, the number of tokens staked, and the number of jackpots to occur across all blockchains.

Last but of course not least:

Lottery: In spite of some last-minute challenges, development is finally coming to a close. This past month Ridotto’s developers put the finishing touches on the global RNG and debugged subgraph integration issues. While these hurdles aren’t the most exciting to clear, logistically, they are crucial and will serve as boilerplates for future lottery games.

About Ridotto

Crypto gambling is a billion-dollar industry — however, beyond skirting regulation, it hasn’t been significantly different from regular old web2 gambling. It isn’t decentralized!

Ridotto decentralizes crypto gaming via permissionless casino ownership and open-source bankrolling. Built on Multi-Chain, our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous passive income. Now, YOU are “The House.”

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Reinventing the gaming experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gaming & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.

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