August Community Update

Days away from the launch of staking, governance, and the platform’s in-house bridge, its once again time to dive into this month’s community update!

Brand Awareness

New Open Position: Ridotto is looking to hire an Asian Community Manager in our bid to expand brand penetration more globally, starting with Asia. Specifically, the team is looking for a native Japanese, Chinese, or Korean speaker who is a passionate community builder, eager to learn, grow, and develop their skills. In this role, the potential new hire will help increase Ridotto’s presence in Asia’s online sphere and help direct high-impact marketing campaigns to desired audiences in Asia.

Sticker Contest

Ridotto’s community manager Andrei IIie just announced the winner of a community-wide sticker contest campaign! Your creations were astounding and demonstrated incredible passion, creativity, and humor! The team imparts to each participant a hearty pat on the back and a special congratulations to the winner below who won 10,000 $RDT.

Winner: Discord User @haze2414

Brand Update:

In the face of continued growth and expansion, CMO Fayrouz and Art Director Ozgur reimagined the Brand identity. The original aesthetic was established in 2020 prior to launch; two years later, it’s increasingly obvious that improved skills and an increased scope require an evolved visual language.

The pre-launch aesthetic, which featured dark backgrounds and striking neon objects, was spacey, futuristic, and alien. It intended to impart a sense of boundless potential and future innovation.

While it did so successfully, as development matured, the original messaging began to feel less appropriate. The futuristic palette began to feel cold, emotionally distant, and ill-suited for a real-life platform meant to inspire joy, delight, continuous excitment and creativity.

In the summer of 2022, Fayrouz and Ozgur went back to the drawing board and created a new aesthetic meant to feel infinitely more tangible, playful, and “real.” Shifting away from dark backgrounds contrasted against neon forefronts, the new aesthetic features warm colors, real textures, and close 3d details. It will be much better suited for the release of our first games, which will be uniquely engaging and interactive.

Twitter Milestone:

Ridotto’s official Twitter just crossed 60 thousand followers on Twitter! While not the end-all-be-all, it’s a nice milestone in a long journey.

Technical Development

Staking, Governance, and Bridge:

These three features are currently deployed on the main net for final staging tests before the imminent public launch! A dedicated medium blog will be released on launch day and share specific details on staking, governance, and the bridge.

Quicknode Migration:

When Moralis announced that they were shutting down their Web3 service infrastructure, the Ridotto team managed to migrate the RCP call from Moralis to Quicknode quickly and efficiently. With hundreds of billions of API requests handled monthly, their portal to blockchain will allow Ridotto to run even the maximum amount of volume.

Extra Chain Support:

The developer team’s code base is now ready to support any additional EVM-compatible blockchains. This means that at a technical level, all future EVM token expansions are just a click away. The only factors left to consider are strategic and market-oriented.

Decentralized Data Collection:

Ridotto’s web app is reconfiguring to be completely decentralized in preparation for the first game releases. While the previous version (including NFT farming) fetched data from centralized API endpoints on AWS, the new technical implementation, metainfo, will be solely fetched from the blockchain. This critical step is necessary for Ridotto’s web app to align with its decentralized, Uniswap-inspired legal framework.

Profile Service (Backend:)

The tech team has finalized the backend development of the platform’s profile functions, which will allow players to represent themselves via NFTs, track their individual metrics, and compete in community-wide challenges and tournaments. With the backend work complete, next, the team will turn its attention to the frontend side of the profile page so that they can launch it following the lottery release.

Unitest for Off-Chain Backend:

Adding to the team’s compilation of smart contract unitests — a category of code that automatically tests for bugs and errors — now Ridotto will add backend off-chain unitests, which will radically improve code quality, reduce the risk of security issues, and increase the speed at which the team can do all backend work.

Wish List Lottery Prize Mechanism:

Without giving too much information on Ridotto’s Wish List Lottery — and yes, this is the first time we have publicly mentioned it — the team is working on a robust, permissionless system for physical prize redemption. It will allow winners of physical items to either sell prize redemption on the open market via NFTs or claim their prize directly via a cash equivalent.

About Ridotto

Ridotto is a multi-chain and decentralized lottery and gaming protocol that introduces permissionless casino ownership and open source bankrolling of slot machines, lotteries, table games, bingo, sports betting, and so much more.

Our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous passive income. Now, YOU are “The House.”

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