Attention Super-Star Community Builders in Asia: Join Us!!!

  1. Increase Ridotto’s visibility and online presence in Asia through ground-up marketing campaigns.
  2. Identify and coordinate PR and influencer video coverage opportunities in Asia.
  3. Design robust, multi-level marketing campaigns suited for an Asian demographic.
  4. Maintain Ridotto’s media list and relationships with journalists and video creators covering the tech and blockchain space.
  5. Monitor media coverage and trending topics in the fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space and track coverage of the company.
  6. Build Ridotto’s Asian community and increase user engagement in the community.
  7. Manage discussions on different social media platforms. Mainly on Telegram, Twitter and Discord.
  1. Proven experience in participating and/ or building blockchain communities
  2. 1+ years working in PR, marketing, or media relations preferred.
  3. Experience in the blockchain industry preferred
  4. Passionate about blockchain technology.
  5. Proficient in both English and Chinese/Korean/ or Japanese, both verbal and written.
  6. Can work from anywhere
  7. Internship > 6 months

About Ridotto



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