Ambassador Surprise Giveaway!

The Ridotto Ambassador Team would like to extend a warm welcome to new community members and express their appreciation to Ridotto’s early supporters!

Because we can’t yet comp your hotel rooms, we have organized a holiday giveaway intended to reward the community as a thank you for your dedication.

To kick things off we are going to award 3 members of Ridotto’s community with a $100 cash prize. To qualify, simply hold a minimum balance of 100 RDT on either BSC or ETH. On the 25th (Christmas) we will announce the winners on Twitter.

Additionally, all holders of 500+ $RDT will be entered into a New Years drawing for a holiday prize for 500$ that will be awarded to 1 lucky winner!

Finally, as part of a larger scale community giveaway, Ridotto will launch a first of its kind game-theory integrated strategy giveaway. The contest will run once a week for a year, and will be of staggering proportion. Stay tuned — because details will be released soon!

Excited to roll out community rewards, Adam Evans, the Ridotto Ambassador who brainstormed this initiative, had this to say: Ridotto has been gracious and welcoming to me since the day I found it. The community represents down-to-earth, solid investors and enthusiasts from around the globe. I’m truly honored to be a part of “the house” and very grateful to have an opportunity to give back to such a warm and amazing community.”

About Ridotto

Ridotto is the very first cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol based on complete transparency, anonymity, security, and fairness. Built on Cardano, our approach is to provide an open protocol driven by the community, where users can play, build, and even bankroll casino games, thus earning generous liquidity. Ridotto’s overarching goal is to elevate the user to the role of “house,” thereby offering a fully scalable alternative to centralised online gambling.

Beyond our vibrant flagship casino, we will unleash retail ingenuity by giving users the decentralized infrastructure to experiment and evolve the gambling ecosystem, much like the App Store did for mobile gaming.

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Reinventing the gambling experience | Ridotto is the first cross-chain gambling & lottery protocol that offers the possibility to play & build games.